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Alaska’s Mines – Brooxie’s Notes from Chamber

Have I ever told you how much I love going to the Chamber lunch. It’s a great way to stay informed! And if you are interested in attending one of the luncheons let’s go together! It’s a $7.00 program fee and you don’t have to be a member of the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce (although there are really great benefits to being a member!)

Yesterday’s speaker was Deantha Crockett from the Alaska Miners Association.

Did you know:
the average wage for an Alaska miner is $100,000?
Alaska mining provides 4,500 direct jobs?
Pojo is the state’s largest underground gold mine?
Fort Knox Mine is the largest single property taxpayer in the Fairbanks North Star Borough

Since we live in the Mat-Su Valley I’m sure everyone wants to know about Wishbone Hill…..not too much to say here for now. Usibelli has not filed a mining plan or applied for permitting to develop Wishbone Hill. Deantha cautioned us that Wishbone Hill is a very feasible project and even if Usibelli doesn’t mine here some other company will.

Deantha also shared with us the possibility of a  new coal lease coming up at Canyon Creek, which is located about 18 miles southwest of Skwetna. This coal would be sold to Asia. Of course, there is opposition to the project and no road service into the area as of now.  Google “Canyon Creek Coal Lease” if your interests are peaked and you’re looking for more info and a map of the area.

Alaska Mining Activity

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