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Knik Goose Bay Road Reconstruction Project

KGB Rd proposed divided highwayKnik Goose Bay Rd Open House

Last night was the open house for the Knik Goose Bay reconstruction project. To get straight to the point the project is designed to make Knik Goose Bay a 6 lane divided highway from the Palmer Wasilla Extension to Fairview Loop. From Fairview Loop to Vine it will shrink down to a 4 lane divided highway. After Vine Rd it will continue on as it already is.

Many people want to know why it doesn’t extend to Settlers Bay, where it seems the majority of the traffic ends. The answer I received was the project has been designed to address the majority of traffic accidents. From the records not too many happen after Vine.

The design team is asking for your comments – good or bad! If you have concerns about the project or want to see the road work extended to Settlers Bay or beyond make sure you speak up.



Fairview Loop
There was a small table set up to discuss Fairview Loop. This roadway is scheduled for resurfacing and 4 foot shoulders added. A bike path is also planned to run along the majority of the road but not quite stretching from end to end. This is not a realignment project. A couple of the sharp 90 degree corners will have some work done to them but overall the road will remain as it is.

Clapp Rd
The City of Wasilla is in the process of acquiring the Right of Ways to bring Clapp Rd to the Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla. With this extension the plan is to reroute approximately ½ a mile of Fairview Loop onto Old Knik Road. Fairview Loop would then exit KGB across from Clapp. (Sorry I know my picture isn’t the best – I must have been thinking poor Tesoro and Knik Kountry Liquor when the divided highway goes in)

Fairview Lp


Check out the Safety Corridor Map outlining Fatal and Major Crash Locations on KGB Rd

If you want more information, ask us! We are not the road experts but we can find out who the best person for you to talk to is and get you in touch with him/her. Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend! Brooxie

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