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Brooxie’s Chamber Wrap Up

Oops a little behind with my Chamber Wrap Up.  Last week was a busy one! I didn’t have time to type out my notes before the holiday but don’t fret it’s done now.

Last Tuesday we had the honor of listening to Wasilla Mayor Vern Rupright speak.  He gave us a quick wrap up on some of the projects the city has been working on.  One point of interest – those looking for a quick exit from the sports complex on Mack Rd will find that Airport Rd is now open. Airport Rd connects to Museum Dr which exits out onto the Parks Hwy closer to Vine Rd.

There was also discussion regarding the city’s budget.  So far so good!  The City has worked hard at reducing their long-term debt and were pleased to announce the highest interest rate they are now paying is 1.5%.  Another great indicator of the city’s wellness is since January 1st through the end of October there has been 242 new Wasilla business licenses issued.

One challenge the city is taking on is moving from a “maintaining” mindset to one of growth.  With this mindset and with concerns of healthcare reform there was a small mention of wanting to increase the City’s sales tax by ½ percent.  Stay Tuned!

? Did you know if the City of Wasilla doesn’t charge a mill levy (which determines how much you pay in property tax)?  City residents still pay a Borough mill levy and fire area fee but do not pay additional city fees.

If you are looking for more information regarding the City’s meeting on Nov 19th  check out their website at http://www.cityofwasilla.com/

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