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Brooxie’s Chamber Notes – MEA’s Eklunta Generation Station

Maybe it was silly to start my Chamber Notes series and then go on vacation the next week, but sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  What is important is I’m back in action!

Joe Griffith, General Manager of MEA, was our speaker yesterday at the Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce luncheon.   A good portion of his presentation focused around the Eklutna Generation Station (EGS) to be built on 70 acres located northeast of the Eklutna Interchange of the Glenn Highway.

The driving force behind EGS is MEA’s service contract with Chugach Electric will expire in December of 2014.  Although work has already begun the main construction on the plant will begin in April 2013 with competition set for December 2014.  Knock on wood, so far the project is on time and on budget.

The massive generators will operate on natural gas with diesel fuel backup and possibly a propane backup as well.

The following map was displayed to show the proposed route for the power lines which will run from EGS to downtown Wasilla. There has been some turmoil regarding the route due to the appearance of the power lines as they are the larger transmission lines and not distribution lines.  A question was asked by a chamber member why these power lines can’t be ran underground.  The short answer – is it is extremely costly to install (4x as much as a distribution line) and the transmission lines don’t weather as well underground in our climate.

Over 56,000 MEA customers will be served by the new Eklutna Generation Station.

For the most detailed information check out Matanuska Electric Association’s website at http://www.mea.coop.

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