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Scout Ridge Trail – An Easy Hike

While I was happy to be inside relaxing this past weekend the sunny weather gave my dog Ozzy ( we like to call him “Puppers”) other ideas. To end the torture of the saddest puppy dog stare EVER I loaded Puppers in the truck and headed to the mud flats off of Hayfield Rd (you know the road off of Fairview Loop).  Although I (Brooxie) have been here many times before I’ve always gone down the hill directly to the mud flats for summer fishing or cross-country skiing.  But with recent rains and freezing temps I quickly realized my foot wear was not equipped to handle the frozen puddles on the “flats.”

Fighting the disappointment Puppers and I got back into the truck in search of a better place for a quick walk.  We didn’t need to go far!  As you can see from the map just before you start your descent down the hill to the flats there is a trail head for Scout Ridge Loop Trail.  This is a super easy 1.25 hike/walk with stunning views of the hay flats on a well-marked trail.  If you start to the right of the trail you immediately come upon the covered outlook and spend much of the trail on the down high.  If you start left there will be a hill to climb, nothing major, I would compare it to climbing a flight of stairs.

As the name implies you walk on a ridge with AMAZING views. This is a great easy trail in the Mat-Su Valley for a family walk or with your 4 legged friend.  Brooxie and Pupper endorsed!


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