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Protecting Your Real Estate Interests

As Realtors our daily focus is to help you protect your interest when buying and selling real estate but that’s not all we do!!!  There are many things we do behind the scene to help protect your real estate investments.  Just recently the Alaska Association of Realtors legislated against Senate Bill 157 and won!  The bill allowed an insurer to cancel an insurance policy if the property becomes unoccupied and the vacancy increases the hazard insured against.

As Realtors we fought this legislation as we were concerned for the homeowners who need to relocate while their house is being marketed for sale, which can happen more often than you think.  A couple of examples when this happens is when a homeowner moves out because their house is scheduled to close but the sale falls through;  members in our armed forces often times have to relocate and must leave their homes vacant while trying to rent or sell; an owner who is renting and is between tenants; the estate when the executor cleans out the family home and makes it ready to go to market.

Realtors’ opposition to this legislation was based on knowing if a homeowner’s insurance is canceled or there is a lapse in policy it is often difficult to find another carrier.  If the homeowner can’t find another carrier or can’t afford the bank’s mandated policy they could find themselves facing foreclosure.

Team Rogers is proud to serve you and the Mat-Su Borough in residential, new construction, land,  and investment real estate.  We are voted Best of the Valley 2012 by Frontiersman Readers.

If you know someone looking to buy real estate, sell real estate, or invest in real estate this year pass along the chart and tell them about us! Allow us to put our knowledge and experience to work for them!


     Team Rogers – (907) 373-4300/ teamrogers@mtaonline.net

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