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October Ballot Issues to Consider

We like being the messengers information; therefore, we wanted to bring to your attention two propositions for the October 4th ballot. We’re not here to give you our opinion but to provide you with information you may not be familiar with.

Proposition 2 is for a proposed $32 million transportation bonds for 11 roads and 4 pathways. Attached to this email you will information outlining which roads are being considered, the purpose for the improvement and estimated cost. There are two major components of the road bonds. First, the cost is a 50/50 split between the Borough and State. Next, the bonds will not be issued to pay for projects unless matching funds are received from the State.

 Proposition 3 is for educational capital improvements. The fact sheet for this bond is included in the attachments. The bonds will go towards the construction of new schools, including a Knik Goose Bay Middle/ High School, life safety needs, as well as deferred maintenance. Should this bond pass with the Mat-Su residents and our State’s Legislators the State of Alaska will reimburse the borough 70% of the total. The fact sheet contains a breakdown of the estimated annual cost to property owners if you are curious what this means to your financially.

Whether you are for or against these bonds please vote October 4th so your voice is heard!

Prop 2 Fact Sheet

Prop 3 Fact Sheet

For all of your real estate needs call on the Team that Delivers Results!  Team Rogers!  907-373-4300 or teamrogers@mtaonline.net.   

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