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Get Your Home More Exposure with a QR Code

We have QR code madness!!! Although the mainstream has not decided if they like these square bar codes or not we see the potential. What is a QR code? The initials are short for Quick Response. It is a two-dimensional code, cousin to the classic bar code. It is readable by downloading a code reading app for your smart phone or camera phone. Once the application is installed you simply scan the code with your phone’s camera. Once a successful scan has been made a link will appear. Follow it to the information – it’s a cinch!

At Team Rogers we feel the best use for them when representing sellers and for their prospective buyers are to put them on the for sale sign/flyer box. We will still have flyers in the box but by scanning the bar code you will have additional photos, virtual tours, and more information at your finger tips than what the flyer can supply. Who can complain about that?

3 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with QR Codes

1. Easily get the information you want.  No more fumbling with the small keys on your smart phone’s keyboard.  Scan the bar code and hit the link!

2. Get more information quicker.  You’ll have instant access to more information if you see what you like from the street.

3. You’ll be one of the “cool” kids on the cutting edge of technology. You’ve got a smart phone…why not use to it’s full potential?

Need a suggestion for a good QR app to download, give us a call. Want more information on how QR codes or our other progressive marketing techniques can help you sell your home or land, contact us! (907) 373-4300 or teamrogers@mtaonline.net

Below is an example of what your home flyer would look like with the QR code

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