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A ferry visible on the horizon

For years we have heard the talk of building a bridge across Cook Inlet connecting Anchorage and Point MacKenzie.  Although we might not be any closer to connecting the two with a bridge, a ferry is visible on the horizon.  The Mat-Su Borough has the necessary funding to complete a single walk-on-only landing at Point MacKenzie in the summer of 2012.

The Mat-Su Borough will also be taking possession of the Susitna, a $78 million landing craft which will serve as the ferry.  This rugged ship is a unique, shape-shifting, ice-breaking machine.

There are still several challenges to overcome before the ferry can be fully operational so other uses for the Susitna are being taken into consideration.    Several options have been discussed such as an offshore oil drilling support vessel or a scientific research ship.  It may also be able to serve as a dinner cruise or a way for tourists to reach the Kenai Peninsula.

Although there are still several hurdles to overcome we move closer each day to seeing an operational ferry system between the Mat-Su Borough and Anchorage.

Check out the full article at adn.com.

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