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Finally, it’s LIVE!

Finally, it’s LIVE!   We are excited to announce the launch of our new TeamRogersHome.com website.  It seems like we had the old one since the dawn of the internet and though it served us well for a long time, we had to face the fact that it was severely lacking!

 As part of our launch we are creating a challenge – to see how far we can move up in the Yahoo, Bing, and Google search engines.  We know there are all sorts of algorithms and tricks these search engines employ (many we will never understand) but we also know the combination of unique visitors, clicks, and time spent on the page gives you a boost up the ranks!

 Let’s have fun with this!  Search the site.  Tell your friends about it; have them search the site.  Ask them to ask their friends.  Let’s make this a group effort and see how far we can go!

 While searching the web pages remember this site is for YOU!  We want to create the most user friendly real estate website possible.  So in saying that, if you see any typos, have comments, or have suggestions on how we can make it better please let us know.  We want to have a terrific user friendly website that we can be proud of, so your input is extremely important to us.

AND FOR FUN, we’ve included a scavenger hunt to give you help digging deep into the site. Feel free to email us your answers and we’ll let you how you did!

 Who said this – “Misty was great! She went way beyond the call of duty!”

What is the bottom line?  (Hint: these two words are in large bold print)

What is the name of the natural gas company in the Valley?  What is their number?

What color is Krystal’s convertible? (Hint: it’s a picture)

 Thank you – as always – for your time!

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